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Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology


Systematic theology is the coherent and systematic presentation of the Christian doctrine, and its content rests on the historical revelation of God in the historical figure of Jesus Christ. By its very nature, systematic theology is a discipline in theology. Systematic theology is the main branch of Christian theology, which draws on scriptures and Church’s tradition for its analysis of the data of the Christian revelation. In its analysis, it presents coherently the major themes of the Christian doctrines. The deep meaning of systematic theology is contained in the revelation that Christ makes of himself in the Trinity, in Creation, in Redemption, in the Eucharist, in the Church and in the sacraments.

Courses Available in the Department: The Department offers twenty four courses in the discipline of Systematic theology, and each for two hours of credit loads and a thesis of six credits, should be required for the STL degree in the programme. The courses offered in the discipline of Systematic Theology are as follows: Major courses, within the student’s area of specialization, faculty and elective courses, which are designed to broaden the student’s knowledge, seminars, which involve written and presenting of research papers. Included in the programme are such courses like Theology and Ecology, Evangelization and Social Justice, Faith Doing Justice, Human Dignity and Human Rights.

Stress Areas of Study in Systematic Theology: There are four major stressed areas in the department of Systematic Theology.

0 Foundational Courses – Introduction to Systematic Theology and 

Introductory Courses in Methodology

1 Theology of God (Human Being, Creation and Ecology) and Christology

2 Pneumatology, Soteriology and Eschatology

3 Ecclesiology and Mariology

4 Sacramental Theology and Theology of Grace

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