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Pastoral Theology

Pastoral Theology


Pastoral Theology is the continued reflection of the Church on the unchanging truth of doctrine in view of its being lived in faith, hope and charity and in view of giving direction to every pastoral activity of Church. Pastoral Theology studies doctrine in order to uncover its significance for individuals as well as build up the One, Holy and Catholic Apostolic Church The Pastoral nature of the Second Vatican Council inspired our understanding of Pastoral Theology. Above all else, Pastoral Theology is characterised by the inseparability of doctrine and Pastoral Action, as expressed by Cardinal Ratzinger in his commentary on Vatican II:

This Council Is pastoral in its fusion of truth and love, ‘doctrine’ and pastoral solicitude; it wished to reach beyond the dichotomy between pragmatism and doctrinalism, back to the biblical unity in which practice and doctrine are one, a unity grounded in Christ.

What is the Pastoral aim in CIWA?

This is to care for the soul and body of individual member of God’s family, irrespective of sex, or whether he/she is a member of CIWA family or not, The Department seeks to build seasoned, holy Pastoral /Spiritual Theologians, Collaborators, Cooperators, Animators, Motivators, Coordinators and Moderators for the West African sub-Region’s Seminaries, Dioceses, parishes, Pastoral Centres, Catechetical Centres and all other Institutions with consciousness of inculturation. Thus, the Department would undertake and encourage among Staff and Students, such researches which meet the needs of Dioceses, Provinces, Conferences and even Vatican Congregations in accordance to the spirit of Sapientia Christianae

Method of Study

Among the methods utilised are lectures, individual as well as group researches through term papers, seminars, reading assignments, book reviews, dialogues in interfaith, theses writing and moderation. The umbrella methodology is the Pastoral Spiral Cycle Method (PSCM).

Pastoral/Spirituality Department embraces the principle that effective and meaningful assessment is an integral part of Theological/Educational Process. This principle is at the heart of our commitment to meet our responsibilities to our students and communities that we serve. The Department offers the following Courses:

Courses For Undergraduate Degree:

ELC 154 Psychology I

ELC 251 Psychology II

ELC 156 Sociology I

ELC 254 Sociology II

ELC 242 Introduction to Pastoral Theology

RES 321 Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy

BTH 325 Missiology

RES 421 Principles of Christian Pedagogy



PAS    5011D  Theories & Methods of Terra, Piscal & Pastoral Theologies in


PAS     5021    Pastoral Perspectives of Contemporary Magisterial Documents /

PAS     6021    Past. Perspectives of Contemporary Mag. Docs.

PAS/SPT        5121    Lay Apostolate in Africa /

.PAS    6121    Lay Apostolate in Africa

PAS     5221    Spirituality of the Members of Consecrated Life in Institutions & Dioceses

  1. PAS 5321 Pastoral Ministry and Life of Priests in Urban & Rural Areas

PAS     5361    Priesthood and Eucharistic Prayer

PAS     6361    Priesthood and Eucharistic Prayer

PAS     5411    Content of the Christian Message (Divine Catechesis/

PAS     6411    Content of Christian Message (Divine Catechesis)

PAS    5451    Creeds and Catechesis

PAS/SPT         5581    Pastoral/Spiritual Perspectives of Marital Adjustments and Values Orientations

PAS/SPT         5591    Pastoral/spiritual perspectives of Caring Relationship (Seminar)

PAS/SPT         5011a  Theories and Methods in Pastoral Theology /Spirituality from the Bible /

PAS     6011

PAS/SPT         5011B Theories & Methods in Patristic, Medieval Tridentine & Vatican Periods (also Synodal and Contemporary periods))

PAS/SPT         5011C Theories and Methods of Pastoral Theology/Spirituality during the Era of Popes N, Benedict)

SPT 5011d Theories and Methods of Spiritual Theology during the Era of Popes Benedict VI and Francis

PAS     5011    Theories and Methods of Terra, Piscal & Pastoral theologies in Complementarity (harvesters, Cultivation, farm, agriculture, Parables of Jesus sowing seeds Ecclesiological Evangelisation & Catechesis)

PAS/SPT         5361a Priests as Confessors and Categories of Penitents

PAS/SPT         5531    Enneagram

PAS/SPT         5541    Pastoral Psychology of the Physically Challenged

PAS/SPT         5521    Pastoral/Spiritual Counselling

SPT     5051    Bible and spirituality: OT



PAS     5012D  Theories and Methods of Pastoral Theology: Historical Dimension

PAS     5032    New Trends in Theology of the Parish

PAS     5042    Theology and Spirituality of Preaching and Homiletics

PAS 5422        Shape of Christian Message (Divine Catechetics)

PAS     5442    Religious Education in Contemporary Scene (SEM)

PAS     5582    Pastoral Marital/Sp. Counselling and Value Orientation

PAS 5612        Religious Sociology and Sociology of Religion /Spirituality

PAS5622         Pastoral Statistics and Ecclesial Growth and Development

PAS 5632c      Sacraments

PAS/SPT         5072    Therapy for Spiritual Illness in the Fathers of the Church

PAS/SPT         5522B  Pastoral/Spiritual Counselling on Guilt/Shame and Divine Forgiveness


PAS     6522C   Pastoral/Spiritual Counselling on Family, Sin /Mercy of God and Divine


PAS/SPT         5552    Vocation Directors and Counselling Method

PAS/SPT         5572    Pastoral/Sp. Counselling on Marital adjustment

PAS/SPT         5522    Pastoral Counselling

PAS/SPT         5532    Catechists and Catechumens in the Church (Seminar)

PAS/SPT         5062    Parish administration

PAS/SPT         5142    Youth in Tertiary Institutions (Seminar)



SPT     5011    Principles and Methods in Spirituality

SPT     5022    Biblical Spirituality

SPT     5031    Spirituality in Church’s Teachings

SPT     5042    Spirituality and Preaching

SPT     5051    Spirituality in Parish Life

SPT     5062    Diocesan Spirituality

SPT     5071    Patristic and Medieval Spirituality (SEMINAR)

SPT     5082    Tridentine and Modern Spirituality (SEM)

SPT     5091    Vatican II and Synodal Spirituality (SEM)

SPT     5042A  Sp. In Medieval and Tridentine Periods

SPT     5222    Spirituality of Consecrated Persons in Institutions and Diocese

SPT     5111    Spirituality of Lay State

SPT     5162    Family Spirituality

SPT     5211    Marian Spirituality

SPT     5231    Monastic Spirituality from the East

SPT     5242    Monastic Spirituality from the West

SPT     5311    Spirituality of Clerics

SPT     5322    Liturgy and Spirituality

SPT     5331    Sacramental Spirituality

SPT     5342    Sacraments of Healings and Spirituality(SEM)


Lecturers in the Department:

Rev. Sr. (DR.) Mary Anne Monye, OSF (HOD)

Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Innocent Eje

Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Samuel Gwimi

Rev. Fr.(Dr.) Andrew Otu

Rev. Fr.(Dr.) Cajetan Ani, CMF (PT)

Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Anthony Ibegbunam (PT)

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