Catholic Institute of West Africa

Hostel Accomodation

Home sweet home with Campus Life

The feeling and experience of a home on campus

As at now, CIWA has two campuses; the Main Campus is located in Port Harcourt with the central and main administrative offices, and the second campus at Obehie, about 25 kilometres from Port Harcourt on the road to Aba, Abia State. This second campus is a very large compound with sections for Staff Quarter, Students' Hostels (including a Female Religious Hostel), Classroom Blocks, Library, Chapel, Refectory, a big auditorium etc. However, apart from the Staff Quarter where the resident Senior Staff (Academic and Administrative) Hence, CIWA Campus Life for students is still very much viable to what obtains in the Port Harcourt Campus. The following are brief highlights on the campus life.

CIWA main campus (in Port Harcourt) has 2 hostels: Hostel A and Hostel B. Hostel A is a big, 3 storey building of over 70 rooms meant mainly for priest students, but students who are male religious (i.e., Brothers) are also accommodated there. Hostel B is a twin bungalow of over 20 rooms. Hostels B are also meant for male students, priests and brothers. Female Religious students (i.e. Sisters) are accommodated in Obehie hostels, near the Port Harcourt campus, while lay students (both men and women) are expected to find accommodation for themselves in Port Harcourt City.

However, should a prospective lay student be coming from a distance or overseas whereby they may not be familiar with the streets of Port Harcourt or how to rent an accommodation apartment therein, CIWA can assist them to look for a good accommodation within the city.

It is hoped that in the near future, CIWA will be able to provide some accommodation for such students. Where possible, such candidates may be accommodated in our Obehie campus in the meantime. Obehie campus has accommodation for both lay students and religious as well.

School buses are available that convey students living in the Obehie campus to and from the Port Harcourt campus every day for lectures and other activities. The hostels in the Port Harcourt campus are equipped with various facilities a student would need for convenient studies and rest. These include in each room: a 12 inches bed with mattress, a sizeable reading desk and chairs, a large shelf for books and other things, etc. Each room is also self-contained with its own toilet and bathroom with 24-hours water supply, and a balcony that some may use as a mini-kitchen. Each room is also self-contained with its own toilet and bathroom with 24-hours water supply, and a balcony that some may use as a mini-kitchen for minor cooking such as boiling water, etc.