Catholic Institute of West Africa


West Africa Journal Of Arts And Social Sciences Vol.1 No.1 (2020)

Catholic media Frames And The Brawl Against Corruption in Africa

—By Inaku K. Egere & Nicholas O. Egere

Corruption is a global phenomenon that has to be systematically and consistently addressed. Therefore, the need for Catholic media in Africa to be involved is evident. Corruption like a deadly virus is spread through the length and breadth of the ‘global village,’ as its effects are increasingly felt beyond national boundaries. Though in very recent times, developed countries through concerted efforts have moved from being overtly corrupt to a situation in which this 'cancer' of the society exists within the parameters of containment as opposed to it being widespread and pervasive in Africa. It is a truism that, corruption can be curbed to its lowest ebb with regional and international support even though many of the corrupt practices are localized with cooperation within the boundaries of operations. This is very much so because corruption involves choices-it does not just happen. Fraud and corruption require that people both choose to engage in corrupt practices and have the opportunity to do so. Strategies to combat corruption, therefore, have to address the element of choice as well as that of opportunity. The paper, therefore, advocates the use of Catholic media frames in the fight against corruption through reportage and catechesis on corruption as an evil, a sin that should be avoided.

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