Catholic Institute of West Africa


West Africa Journal Of Arts And Social Sciences Vol.1 No.1 (2020)

Rethinking Photojournalism: Patterns and Trends of Migration Reporting in Nigeria

—By Andrew Asan Ate

Migration, which is as old as humanity is heightened by trends in population dynamics in different parts of the world. As one of the critical components of population change, migration has become a source of concern in developing countries, which are characterised by weak economies, ravaging wars, terrorism attacks, diseases, and natural disasters among other factors. This paper employed survey research design in its investigation. Built on Wittgenstein’s theory of picture representation, the paper employed survey research design using questionnaire as major research instrument. Data was analysed using Morgan’s Table for Sample Size. Findings revealed that photojournalists in Nigeria are effective in migration reporting and that the rural-urban pattern of migration received more attention by photojournalists than the urban-rural pattern. The study also proved that women and children are the focal point of migration reporting by photojournalists in the country in terms of trends. The study recommends among other things that there should be a balance in pictorial reporting of both urban and rural migration and that gender imbalance of focusing more on women should be out rightly jettisoned by photojournalists.

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